Gutters, like every other part of your home, need maintenance. Regular inspections will allow you to catch possible issues while they can be more easily repaired. Cleaning will increase the life expectancy of your gutters.

However, many homeowners either don’t want to get into gutter cleaning tasks or aren’t well-versed of it. Additionally, these homeowners have engrained some baseless conceptions related to gutter cleaning in their minds which averts them even when if they get ready to call a provider for gutter cleaning service.

Here we’ve brought for you some of the general gutter cleaning myths that we get to hear in our day-to-day lives:

  • MYTH1: Removing the Clutter is insufficient

A huge share of homeowners thinks that gutter cleaning is a task limited to removing clutters from the surface of gutters. However, they aren’t aware of the fact that this is only the first phase of gutter cleaning. The later phase of the gutter cleaning service is linked with the inspection of the gutter system.

In this stage, the gutter is looked for leaks, lost nuts, and cracks. The result of this stage often helps in deciding whether or not gutter maintenance is required.

  • MYTH2: Gutter Cleaning is Quick and Easy Job

Homeowners often postpone or delay a gutter cleaning job comprehending it easy and quick. However, this is one of the biggest misconceptions that eventually results in indefinite delays. Homeowners should understand that gutter cleaning is a time-consuming and dangerous job requiring people to climb and de-climb the ladder subsequent times.

  • MYTH3: Gutter Only Need To Once In A Year

A majority of homeowners get their gutters cleaned once and then thinks that it would remain clean for the rest of the year. This theory is solely baseless as gutters need to be cleaned atleast twice per year. If the job will be ignored in the same way, the day wouldn’t much afar when all your gutters would get damaged, rusted, and corroded and you would need to spend ten times more on buying new gutters and on gutter installation services.

  • MYTH4: Gutters With Gutter Guards Don’t Require Cleaning

Though rain gutter covers protect gutters, this doesn’t mean that gutter need not be cleaned thereafter. It is indeed true that gutters cover to limit the extent of rain gutter maintenance, but gutters still need to be cleaned periodically.

To have a better understanding of the clutter vulnerability in your gutter system, you can choose to call a local gutter cleaning expert in your area. You can ask him/her about how many times would it be sufficient for your gutters to be cleaned.

  • MYTH5: Gutters Are Still Clean

Once you settle on a specific day of a year for gutter cleaning, don’t step behind even if the gutter seems clean to you. If you desire next-level gutter protection, then don’t skip the cleaning dates. Get it cleaned on the same day and time which was planned afore.

These were some of the myths that you shouldn’t pay attention to if you want to have fool-proof gutter protection. Also, make sure that none of your neighbors, relatives, or friends is delaying the gutter cleaning job as for considering these myths.

If you’ve queries or need more explanation on these myths, don’t hesitate to call Sunshine Gutters Pro. We will provide you comprehensive assistance on each of your queries.