Thousands of people get injured and hundreds of people die of cleaning gutters in the US every year.

For an inexperienced and amateur individual, gutter cleaning can be a difficult task. The frequent climbing and de-climbing of a ladder while gutter cleaning, requires both physical labor and mental attentiveness that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

As the job is highly risky and time-consuming, it is always recommended to call a professional gutter cleaning company. However, if you have already settled for DIY roof gutter cleaning, then make sure you have the skills, strength, and equipment handy.

Now that you’re going to commence the rain gutter cleaning at your home, you’re required to be highly cautious. As the provider of a professional rain gutter cleaning service, we would suggest you to have a mate who can help you while cleaning gutters. Besides this, we would like to put light on a few more dangers of gutters cleaning that you need to be aware of to prevent injuries.

  • Unbalanced Ladders

One of the preeminent reasons for injuries while gutter cleaning, is the placement of a ladder on the jagged ground. Oftentimes homeowners make haste and start climbing the ladder that is not positioned well. As a result, the ladder bumps against the roof causing the person to fall directly on the ground.

  • Worn-out Ladders

Mostly ladders are housed in the hind-end of the storerooms and are reminisced once or twice in the year at the time of gutter cleaning. Nobody walks to see the ladders in between the months and as a result, the ladder remains unmaintained always. When commencing gutter cleaning the same broken ladder gets used and results in an accident.

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  • Pay Attention To Electrical Wires

Electrical wires can be one of the biggest threats while cleaning gutters. As per our experts of the gutter repair company, if you’ve high voltage electrical lines going above your roof, then you should remain immensely cautious while cleaning the gutters.

  • Wear the Right Clothes

You should wear comfortable clothes that are neither too loose nor tight. The use of tight clothes would not let you freely climb the ladder by restricting the hand and leg movement, whereas, in loose clothes, there is a risk of being tugged to the ladder, which can also result in something dangerous.

  • Wear the Right Footwear

When it comes to gutter cleaning, you should pay utmost attention o your footwear. Wearing an overused sleeper or shoes that have a worn-out soul may make you fall from the ladder. As per our local gutter cleaning pros, you should only wear rubber-soled shoes to prevent slip and fall accidents.

  • Problems of Vertigo

When you go for cleaning gutters, it’s definitely not the right time to recall your vertigo or height fear. You need to be mentally and physically prepared otherwise there’s a huge chance for you to lose control and attain injury.

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So, these are some of the dangers that can take place while cleaning rain gutters. However, if you don’t want your gutters to get dirty again and again, you can invest in rain gutter guards. It is the prolific solution to get seamless gutters for the longest time.

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