We all know that winters can be really cruel and the winter weather can be really hard on the roof and rain gutters on your residential or commercial building, especially in the region of California. There are several problems that can irritate you a lot, especially if you don’t pay any attention. If not paid enough attention, they can also cost you many dollars in order to get repaired. Today, we are here to talk about common winter season problems that you should be aware of and can be prepared as the winter season has reached to its peak!

Top of our list is Condensation: It occurs when the cold meets warmth. This problem attacks the ATTIC area as it is the top candidate for the process. The condensation can damage the interior of your building.

The second on our list is Spike Ice: Spike Ice is known as Icicles. It tends to form in this weather conditions and often lead to ice dams. Spike ice is often the result of the clogged gutters and downspouts that can be dangerous to the people and pets. Plus, the excessive weight of spike ice can cause damage to your roofs and gutters. To prevent the spike ice from forming, one should always leave your gutters free of debris, leaves and other twigs. Whenever the warmer weather is ready to arrive, you can always get your rain gutter maintenance properly. You can clean them all by yourself by following certain DIY or you can call the Sunshine Gutters PRO contractor in order to avoid getting all dirty and wet. By doing this, it will also negate the problem of leaky gutters.

The Third on our list is Ice dams: Ice dams are the most common sights that can be witnessed in the winter season. Ice dam, for the record, is the result of the collection of ice and water on the roofs or even under the shingles. Unfortunately, there is not a single way, by which this problem can be negated. But the good news is that they can always be minimized. One just have to ensure the proper working of the rain gutters, so that it doesn’t let the water or melting snow to stand on the roof.

What Sunshine Gutters PRO can do now?

If you are not sure on how the rain gutters and roof can be handled properly, you can always call us for our professional services. We have a dedicated staff of rain gutters professionals who will be more than happy to suggest the most appropriate and preventive repairs and measures. Moreover, they can also inspect the rain gutters for you!