There have always been debates and confusion among homeowners on the type of gutters that must be installed. A major factor under the criteria of selecting the best gutters for your house is the ‘Cost’. Although there are many materials available in the market for guttering systems, Aluminum and Copper have found the common ranks among masses. While Aluminum falls in budget for most of the people, Copper stands apart giving your house an urban look and it also works the best.

Definitely copper gutters cost more than Aluminum but they are also known for their durability and for adding an aesthetical appeal to your house. Also they add more value to your property. To know exactly how much copper gutters cost may vary from Aluminum gutters, we have a complete analysis of all the costs included. From installation and labor to cleaning and maintenance, we got it covered.

Aluminum and Copper Gutters Installation Cost

To understand this better let’s take an average 2 storey, 2000 sq ft. home which will most likely require a 200 ft linear guttering line. Now we shall consider two scenarios, one in which we shall opt for Aluminum gutters and second, in which we will go for Copper gutters.

Now, before we go any further let us know that Aluminum gutters cost approximately $3.50 – $7.00 per linear foot while Copper Gutters Cost approximately $18.50- $26.00 per linear foot. And therefore, for a 2000 sq ft. house requiring almost 200 linear ft of gutters the overall cost (including labor) for aluminum gutters will run up to $700 to $1,400 while Copper Gutters cost for the same house will run up to $3,700- $5,200.

For now, copper gutters cost vs. Aluminum gutters cost may seem like an overbearing expense but if you love the look of rustic Copper gutters running around your house then it’s totally worth the extra money.

Aluminum vs. Copper Gutters Maintenance cost

Every material is handled differently and so their maintenance will also vary. While aluminum gutters are budget­­-friendly, they require regular cleaning and touch ups as they tend to corrode with time and seasons. However, unlike aluminum copper gutters cost less for maintenance as they are much sturdy and develop a green-brown oxidized layer called patina which further provides protection to the material from wear and tear.

Aluminum vs. Copper Gutters Cleaning Cost

Both aluminum and copper gutters will require regular cleaning and therefore installing gutter guards must be considered. In that case, Aluminum gutter again will prove to be cheaper as compared to copper gutters cost since any type of gutter guards will go along aluminum while for copper gutters only copper gutter guards will look and fit well.

So basically, if you’re looking for long time stability in your guttering system with your home looking elegant then an extra price won’t do much harm. However, one must always let their pocket decide.