The basic purpose of a gutter system is to draw the rainwater away from the house and its foundation to provide protection against damage to the wooden sidings and the base of the house. However, the whole purpose of gutters will be rendered void without an integral part of the whole system i.e. Gutter Downspouts which serve as the final outlet for the rainwater. Downspouts must be carefully installed in order to effectively direct the water to a place away from the house. In many households, downspouts are seen diverting the water into a vessel where rain water can be collected and stored for use later on. This phenomenon is better known as rain water harvesting. However, Downspouts can also direct water to garden areas or landscapes. These days there can be seen many attractive and innovative downspouts ideas that not only serve the purpose perfectly but add an edge to the look of your house.

Rain guard Automatic Downspout Extension

This is an exceptional downspout extension which is attached to the end of the downspout pipe and inflates as the rain water flows through it. The other end of the extension is lined with many tiny holes that allow a uniform spray of the water into the garden area.

Plastic Downspout Extension

Plastic Downspout extension is a basic extension made of hard plastic extended away from the base of the house and into the lawn or landscape. The best about the extension, however, is that it is rotate-able at different angles for a uniform flow of water.

Flexible Downspout Extension

Flexible Downspout extension is made of a coiled plastic tube which can be extended or coiled back as per the need. The extension can also be bent at various angle and positions allowing the water to flow at any desired length and angle.

Ring type Downspout Extension

These are the attractive kind of downspout extensions which focus more on the design. It hangs down from the gutter pipe allowing water to flow through the ring of small cups and looks like a waterfall.

Fancy Downspout Extensions

These include all the fancy and attractive extensions in shape of creatures such as Fish, Frogs and even Garden gnomes. These extensions are made of special material to withstand the affect of water without getting deteriorated. Such extensions along with usability add an extra edge to the look of your house.