Every house needs a rain gutter system that can protect the house from all the weather impacts. The rain needs to be directed in the right way otherwise it calls for uninvited damage to the house. All the exterior structures like the roof, sidings, landscape, and foundation associated with your home are taken care of by installing a good quality gutter system. These gutters take the best care of your house but in turn, you are expected to take care of these gutters.

Proper regular inspection of the gutters to check out for maintenance schedules is mandatory to keep them functioning. Gutters can accumulate debris that can cause several gutter problems, Sunshine Gutters Pro has a range of products to avoid gutter problems. Namely, you can think of the gutter helmet or leaf guards on the gutters.

Let us understand gutter helmet vs leaf guard: which is better?

What Is A Gutter Helmet?

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As the name suggests the gutter helmet is installed on the top of the gutters? The gutter helmet is installed to prevent the entry of dried leaves and tree wastes into your gutter. It helps in preventing the clogging of the gutter to maintain healthy drainage.

Materials used in making the gutter helmet – Metal or plastic.

They are designed in a way so that they can fit exactly on the top of the gutter.

Types of Gutter helmets are

  • Surface Tension Gutter Guards
  • Bottlebrush Gutter Guards
  • Foam Gutter Guards
  • Screen And Mesh, Gutter Guards

What Is A Leaf Guard?

The leaf guards follow the scientific principle of liquid adhesion. These are the structures that are installed on the gutter they cover the top of the gutter. The leaf guards are not inserted in the gutter like a gutter helmet. Leaf guard prevents the entry of tiny wastes like pine needles, acorns, small twigs, etc into the gutter drainage system. The rainwater is directed onto this leaf guard directly from your roof.

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Gutter Guards/ Helmet Vs Leaf Guards

Both the gutter helmet and leaf guards come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

There can certainly be pros and cons for both let’s have a look at it.

Gutter Helmet Pros and Cons

Gutter Helmet Pros Gutter Helmet Cons
1.    Prevents debris formation in the rain gutter. Expensive
2.    Reduces frequency of gutter cleaning calls.  Needs Installation by professionals to function efficiently.
3.    Easy To Install in DIY. Can get clogged by small wastes like pine needles, etc.
4.    Avoids blocking the rainwater If it’s the mesh type, then might overflow.


Leaf Guard Pros And Cons

Leaf Guard Pros Leaf Guard Cons
1.    Durable More expensive than a gutter helmet
2.    Does leaf filter cause ice dams? No, it prevents ice dam formation. Needs complete replacement on     getting damaged as they are custom made as per your gutter size.


Comparison Between The Leaf Guard And The Gutter Helmet

There are many criteria that can help compare both tools used for gutter and house protection. These two tools are different from each other in the following aspects.

  • Gutter helmets sold by Sunshine Gutters Pro come with a fixed tenure of warranty, while the leaf guards are for a lifetime until you sell your house.
  • Both tools need minimal maintenance by cleaning them 2 times a year and these tools avoid the growth of molds, algae, etc.
  • Gutter screens vs gutter guards/ leaf guards in terms of efficiency is important to understand. The curved surface of the leaf guards never gets the issue with heavy rain. On the other hand, you may find clogged gutter helmets often.
  • Price of the leaf guards is much more than the gutter helmets.
  • The gutter helmets are easier to install and leaf guards need a professional to install them. They are customized as per your rain gutter size.


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Why Install Gutter Helmets or Leaf Guards?

Like we said in the very first few lines gutters are there to take care of your house and so does it need to be taken care of. If you take care of your gutters by installing gutter protection tools like a gutter helmet or leaf guard you can make them last longer.

Both of these structures cost you money at once but they can save you from the consequences of gutter damages and the expenditure on maintenance and repair. The gutter helmet and leaf guards both tend to increase the lasting of the gutters of your house. Protect gutters, and protect your house by installing these additional tools.

Final Thought: Which Is Better?

After reading about the gutter helmet and the leaf guards in detail you might have understood that both are good options for maintaining your gutters and house. Choosing one of the two is basically dependent on the budget you are holding, the style you like, or the gutter maintenance calls. The leaf guards are made customized as per the size of your gutters and prevent the entry of the smaller wastes into the gutters. These leaf filters may not call for frequent maintenance. The gutter helmet prevents entry of almost all types of waste in your gutter but is not efficient as leaf filters. They may need frequent maintenance when compared to leaf filters.

How Does Our Professional Team at Sunshine Gutters Pro Help You?

To help you sort out this confusion in choosing one of the two our team is always available. When you call our team we offer an instant visit to your house and do the inspection providing a free quote to you. Sunshine Gutters Pro crew holds expertise in understanding all the gutter solutions and explaining them to you, hence you can understand your need better. We are spread across California providing the best and most specialized services like gutter repair, gutter coverings, gutter installation, and much more, call us now!