Gutters are an essential component of any roofing system. They benefit your home in a variety of ways, and if they aren’t kept clean, they can cause harm to everything from your roof to your foundation. Gutter cleaning is an unpleasant but necessary task. While many of us put off doing so because we don’t want to climb a ladder or don’t know how failing to do so might lead to a variety of disastrous consequences. There’s no reason to put off this task when you can easily hire a professional to avail rain gutter cleaning service.

In spring and fall, the terrible condition of the gutters reminds households of getting them cleaned as it could result in you having problems with your home.

Gutter leaks can be a costly issue for homeowners. Gutters divert water away from your home’s windows, siding, foundation, and other vital places. Gutters can clog and cause damage to your home, resulting in an expensive repair down the road.

Major Consequences of Unclean Gutters:

  • Damaged Roof

Cleaning your gutters regularly can have a significant impact on your home from top to bottom. Rainwater cannot drain and collect when gutters are clogged with debris. Any shingles that are exposed to water will decay more quickly than the rest of your roof. If left addressed, these shingles will continue to absorb water until they become saturated, causing damage to the roof deck. Water will seep into your home via your wet roof as a result of this. Your insulation will eventually be wet through, resulting in water damage to your ceiling. Thus, it is advisable to use gutter repair & replacement services to preserve your home roof. If the situation comes for replacement of the old gutters, you can go for seamless gutters as they are much less likely to leak and also require less maintenance.

  • Ruined Landscape

While a downpour can be beneficial to your plants, heavy rain mixed with clogged gutters can cause havoc with your landscape. Some people choose gutter guards to prevent the roof from getting clogged but it turned out to be a costlier investment which was not even successful. Your gutters will overflow if there is nowhere for the rain to go, and the extra water will soak into your landscape. This excess water is capable of washing away mulch, topsoil, and sand, as well as killing flowers, shrubs, and trees. Thus, the nearby landscape gets ruined if rain gutter maintenance is not properly looked into.

  • Unwanted Pests

Certain bugs see clogged gutters full of leaves, debris, and standing water as a feast. Birds, mice, squirrels, termites, and mosquitoes will swarm your home in search of a meal. These pests might get into your home through holes in your roof or foundation as the weather begins to cool. There’s no reason for them to go when there’s plenty of food right outside their door. To get rid of such pests and other termites, you should opt for local gutter cleaning services regularly to prevent clogging.

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  • Basement Gets Flooded

The longer your gutters are clogged and dirty, the more water will pool around the base of your home. Water will leak into your basement walls when it overflows and runs down the side of your house. When this happens, it can lead to the growth of mildew, foul odours, water damage, and, finally, flooding. Your home may suffer catastrophic damage if your basement is not waterproofed. Avoid having to deal with a flooded basement because your gutters were clogged with too many leaves.

  • Weak Foundation

Guttering’s primary function is to redirect water away from your property. When your gutters are blocked, they can’t accomplish their job effectively. This can lead to overflowing gutters and water seeping down to the foundation of your property. The earth beneath your foundation can shift and crack as a result of water. If water gets into these fractures and then freezes, it might cause foundation cracks. Your home is truly on the unsteady ground if this happens. Water damage might cause structural failure in a home in extreme circumstances. Take the time to book an appointment to have your gutters cleaned by a professional from a gutter repair company to avoid foundation damage.

  • Ice Build Up

Standing water in your gutters can eventually freeze if you leave it there long enough and do not attempt roof gutter cleaning. Because of the increased weight of the ice, your gutters may get heavy and pull away from your house. As a result, fractures form, allowing snow, water, and ice to leak into your home. Your soffits and fascia will be damaged by the extra weight on your gutters, and your gutters may sag as they become looser from your home. Your gutters may fall off your property if left unattended for a long time.


You have seen and read above what disaster happens when you do not clean the gutters of your home. For more information on unclean gutters, rain gutter maintenance and what consequences they leave on your property, get in touch with professionals at Sunshine Gutters, one of the best gutter repair companies and avail expert roof gutter cleaning services from them.

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Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. For better information about gutter cleaning and gutter repair & replacement services, get in touch with a certified professional.