Wondering why your gutters are leaking? Here you may find the underlying cause of your gutter leakage!

There can be many reasons behind the rain gutter leakage. However, if your gutters are leaking, then it is a clear indication that you’ll need to call the rain gutter cleaning, repair, or replacement services.

Here in this blog, we’ve put together all the reasons that can answer your question, “Why do my gutters drip?” So, dive into the blog to know about the various causes in detail!

Aging of your Gutter System

Aging of your Gutter System

One of the prominent reasons behind the dripping of gutters is their old-age. The old gutter system is likely to get corroded and obtain major wear and tear, which can eventually result in the leaking of the gutter. Besides this, the unwanted openings in the gutter system can make it work more like a water sprinkler than a gutter.

Loose Gutters

Loose Gutters


Another significant reason behind leaking gutters is the occurrence of a gap between the roof and gutter system. Heavy winds, rains, and storms pull the gutters away from the roof and create an opening between them. For reattaching the gutters to the roofline, you will need rain gutter repair and replacement services from a professional rain gutter company.

Blocked Gutters

Blocked Gutters

Gutters may leak when they get clogged with debris, twigs, and other clutters. When the water in the gutters faces difficulty escaping from the downspouts, it becomes stagnant in the rain gutters. When this water increases in the gutters and reaches the top edge of the gutters, it spills over the side. In such a case, you will need to call home gutter cleaning services.

Gaps between Sections

If your rain gutters are made in segments, then each piece has to be properly adjoined to the consecutive one to prevent leakage. If any of the gutter segments become damaged can result in leaks. Hence, it is immensely important for all the segments of your rain gutters to be fixed appropriately.

Unsuitable Gutters Slope

The improper slope in the rain gutter system can let the water flow away from the downspouts than towards it. Due to this, the water in the gutter can leak down from the sides of the gutters system.

The sloping issues in the gutters can rest in the gutters right from the installation stage or can occur later due to gutter sagging.

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How to Fix Leaking Gutters?

Once you know the underlying cause of water leakage, you would want to know “how to fix the leaking gutters”. If the leaking of gutters is caused due to clogging, then go for calling professional rain gutter cleaning services.

In case, if your gutter system is leaking due to loose gutters, gaps between sections, or unsuitable gutters slope, go for rain gutter repairing or maintenance services.

On the off chance, if your rain gutters are completely exhausted, you should consider going with rain gutter replacement services.

So, these were some of the reasons that you can opt for how to fix my rain gutters cleaning“.

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