You may have had the best guttering system installed and cleaned them regularly but once you witness sections of your gutters slumping from the clips or dented with crooks, you know they’ve served the purpose long enough and it’s time to change your gutters. To help you decide better, these are the signs you must look for before considering to replace your gutters.

  • Check the corners for any leaks or excessive wear and tear. Also, look for stains on the gutters due to overflowing water.
  • See to it whether the gutters hang well. If the gutters from any part are sagging or dipping towards the edge then it needs to be replaced.
  • Check for rust and also look for gutter joints coming apart or hanging loose.
  • Also, if you notice water overflowing from the secured edge of the gutters then surely something is wrong.

 Once you’re sure that your gutters indeed require a replacement, make sure to opt for a better material and type of gutter this time to have them last even longer. Depending upon the material you opt for your next gutters here is a complete guide for gutter replacement cost.

Here are the most common materials used for gutter systems and the overall average gutter replacement cost. For a better and clear understanding of the ballpark amount for the gutter replacement cost let us take an example of a 1000 sq. feet house which will require approximately 100 ft of gutter line. Therefore, let us discuss the cost of replacing gutters with each of these materials for 100 ft of gutter line.

Copper Gutters Cost: Copper gutters are rendered the most expensive but the most high quality and superior gutters. Replacing your old gutters with copper gutters has many advantages such as copper gutters won’t rust and last the longest than any other gutters. Copper metal is also known to expand and shrink the least with temperature variations. Gutter replacement cost for copper gutters can run up to $12 to $25 per linear foot. Therefore, the minimum and maximum cost for replacing gutters with copper gutters for 100 ft of gutters will round up to $1500 to $3000 including the labor cost.

Aluminum Gutters Cost: Aluminum gutters are most commonly used gutters as aluminum is an affordable material and serves the basic purpose of gutters well. However, aluminum gutters require more of maintenance and repair as aluminum is not as sturdy as other materials. Therefore, you may not have to worry about the gutter replacement cost for aluminum but surely you’ll be spending more on them in future. For a house needing 100 ft of Aluminum gutter lining the overall cost will range from $500- $1200 which includes the labor cost as aluminum as such costs $4-$9 per linear foot.

Vinyl Gutters Cost: Vinyl or PVC gutters are the least expensive but are very popular for DIY as these gutters are light in weight and can be easily managed. Installing these gutters is not a pain and the gutter replacement cost with vinyl gutters won’t run you out of big money. Vinyl gutters may not be a suitable option for those living in regions experiencing harsher climates as they tend to chip and break during the harsh winter cold, however they are economical for regions with warmer weathers. Vinyl gutters on an average cost between $3-$5 per linear foot which will overall cost your around $400-$600 for 100 ft of gutters.

Steel Gutters Cost: Steel gutters are stronger than any other material and are best suitable for regions with harsh climate and extreme temperatures as they tend to withstand extreme weather conditions. On an average, steel gutters run between $8-$10 per linear foot which brings the overall cost to $900-$1200 for 100 ft gutter. However, the cost includes labor and other costs.

Thus, if you find your existing gutters satisfying the above mentioned criteria for replacement, consider all the materials available and the overall gutter replacement cost for a better guttering system the second time.