A good and smart drainage system around your house is a must to save your basement and house from damp and stale smell and from accumulating mold on the walls as the reason behind such instances is the moisture from rainwater seeping into the foundation of your house. The sustainability of an efficient draining system depends upon the handling of rainwater and the gradient of the house. The rainwater collected by the roof gutters must be disposed off resourcefully using downspouts along with unique and smart new ideas for Gutter Drainage Solutions.

Underground Drainage System

A very sophisticated and smart way to divert water away from the foundation of your house is to dispose of the rain water from below the ground level using piped drainage system. The pipe for the underground drainage system is attached to the downspout extension of the gutter system taking water from the downspout and transferring it either to an underground storage vessel or the sewage system.

Underground Drainage for Drip Irrigation

Underground Drainage system can also be successfully utilized for drip irrigation in your landscape. Drip irrigation is a unique way to water the plants in your landscapes through stored water using fine tube-like pipes supplying water to your garden. This drainage system not only disposes off water away from the house but also uses water resourcefully.

Underground Drainage for Landscape decorations

Underground drainage system can also be used to supply rain water to the decorative elements in the landscape such as artificial water bodies in the garden or fountain structures. This can serve to be the best way to recycle rain water and enhancing the look of your house and garden area.

As much as drainage around the house is important harvesting and recycling the rainwater is also the key and gutter drainage solutions such as these can serve both the purposes successfully.