Every homeowner is aware of the many sizes of gutters, but the distinction between them needs to be clarified. A gutter is an important building structure that can safeguard the home from unexpected damage.

A gutter system diverts rainfall away from a building’s foundations, preserving its structural integrity. Rain gutters are installed on the majority of residential and commercial properties. These systems are manufactured on a large scale and with precision utilizing a variety of machines.

Furthermore, we feel that many more homeowners are unaware of the various gutter types available for their homes! It’s an important factor to grasp because it affects the performance of your rain gutters. People are mostly aware of 5k vs 6k gutter, but here we are going to discuss a comparatively lesser-known topic, which is the difference between fascia gutter and 5k gutter.

Importance of Gutter System

  • If your property is located in an area with significant rainfall, moisture from your roofs will fall haphazardly, badly affecting the house’s foundation. This will result in serious damage and mold formation. Installing gutters is the best way to protect your home from such harm.
  • Gutters will avoid trench formation around your house’s foundation. Trench formation causes severe and expensive damage. Contact us for roof gutter replacement costs in San Rafael.
  • Gutters serve to support the soil surrounding your house. It also prevents foundation problems and floods in basements. The other benefits of gutters are that they prevent erosion, water damage to siding, water staining on brick and stone masonry, sidewalk, patio, and driveway shifting and cracking, and the preservation of exterior and overhead garage doors.
  • If you have a basement, especially if it is finished, you will undoubtedly require a gutter system. Water will enter your home’s basement if gutters are not installed, causing flooding. A proper gutter system can help prevent crawl space damage.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing a Gutter System

There are a few factors to be kept in mind while choosing a gutter system for your house. These are:

  • Size of the roof plane
  • Roof’s pitch
  • Amount of total rainfall in your area
  • Gutter style

What are Fascia Style Gutters and 5K Gutters?

Let’s delve into these two types of gutters and their advantages and disadvantages.

5K Gutters

5K gutters are typically composed of aluminum or vinyl and are about five inches wide. They are frequently used in smaller houses or buildings. They can be mounted with brackets or hangers that are attached directly to the fascia board. These are a sturdy and long-lasting option, with a flat bottom and a profiled front suggestive of crown molding.

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of 5k gutters:


  • 5k gutters are suitable for homes with typical-sized roof size
  • These are great for areas with average rainfall levels
  • These are durable
  • Easy to install
  • More affordable than its larger counterparts. Hence, it makes an excellent choice for many people.
  • Since 5k gutters are of the standard size, so, its materials and parts are easily available.


  • The mouth of the 5k gutter is not very wide. So, 5k gutter dimensions are not suitable for handling heavy rainfall like the other gutter styles. Hence, this will result in overflowing rainwater causing damage to your house’s foundation.
  • If you have 5k gutters, a small portion of the fascia board will be exposed, requiring painting every three to five years.

Fascia Style Gutter

Fascia gutters are seamless components that are a popular modern option since they are both practical and aesthetically beautiful. They are larger than other gutter kinds, making them ideal for residences in areas that receive frequent and severe rainfall. This type is simple to install and cost-effective. Contact Sunshine Gutter Pro for rain gutter replacement in Hercules and get the best gutter installation services.

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of fascia gutters.


  • One advantage of fascia-style gutters is that they create a seamless appearance because they blend in with your home’s trim.
  • No additional brackets or hangers are required because they attach straight to the fascia board.
  • Great for heavy rainfalls and extreme weather conditions also.
  • This gutter can handle a lot of rainwater.
  • Have a very aesthetic appearance.


  • It can be difficult to install in a DIY fashion.
  • Demand higher upkeep when not protected by gutter guards. For rain gutter cleaning in Moraga reach out to Sunshine Gutter Pro.

Finally, it is up to you. To prevent your property from water damage, make sure your gutters are correctly constructed and consistently maintained, regardless of which one you choose.


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