Gutters are available in various designs and trims. The designs are mainly based on the utility of the gutters like residential, commercial, industrial, and likewise. Another criterion for variation in the gutter designs is the aesthetics and affordability. This blog is focused on the two gutter styles primarily that are, K gutters vs half-round gutters.

Gutters have always been a crucial part of every household.  The gutter plays a vital role in the protection of your house and the other associated exterior structures.  Whether you are looking for a new installation or gutter replacement the question arises in mind what are the types of gutters?

Gutters have various types based on the style in which they are manufactured as per the purpose and budget

Based on the style, gutters can be classified into the following

  • K-style Gutters
  • Half Round Gutters
  • Box Gutters
  • Leaf Guard Gutters

Learning about the two most popular gutter types the K-style and Half round gutters can help you understand their pros and cons. Every gutter has a pro and a con, choose accordingly! The individual needs of every individual are different when it comes to installing the gutters.

Moreover, few of the materials are confined to particular gutter types. For example, copper gutters are often made in a half-round style. Select the metal type of the gutter and then simultaneously choose the best suited types of gutter for your requirement.

What Are K-style Gutters?

This type of gutter is very popular among everyone nowadays. It is available in various colors to match the house’s exterior. They can also be found in various materials which is why they are a very popular choice. They are also famous for their unique shape on the front edge which can resemble your house’s crown mold.

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You can also consider matching the gutter with the other exterior structures like shutter or home trim. The special bend and the fold in the metal provide a very sturdy and strong functioning to it. However, k style vinyl gutters are the most affordable and trending options.

It can accommodate more volume of water for drainage when compared to half-round gutters.


  • Cheaper than other available options
  • The convenience of the installation
  • Durability to withstand heavy rain and other damages
  • The contemporary look it has.


  • Gets clogged easily
  • Corrosive properties

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What Are Half-Round Gutters?

The Half-round gutters function very efficiently because of this circular shape which makes it one of the best gutter types. It effectively cleans the debris and flushes it out, thereby avoiding clogging.

The half-round gutters as the name suggests are half of a circular pipe with the top of the gutter open for the water. It is usually made from copper aluminum, vinyl etc.

It is also available in various sizes just like the K-style gutters.


  • These gutters are less prone to corrosion or rust as there is no hardware or creases in the gutter which can prevent debris or water from pooling up
  • It has a rustic look.
  • You may require less gutter cleaning
  • Do not get clogged easily
  • These gutters are easy to clean


  • Comparatively more expensive
  • Needs labor for installation and also needs more time
  • Less sturdy when compared to the K-style gutters
  • Inability to hold heavy rain
  • These gutters can also pull loose as they weigh heavier

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