Micro Mesh Gutter Guards are basically gutter tops with a specialized feature to help prevent blocking of gutters due to the accumulation of dried leaves and debris over time in the gutters. Gutter guards not only protect gutters from clogging they also save costs on periodic cleaning and repairs as they keep gutters free of unwanted material blocking the drainage and thus protecting your gutters and your property from any potential damage.

A standard gutter guard comes with various features allowing an easy inlet to the rainwater while keeping the cluttering material at bay. Even with this basic functionality gutter guards come in many varieties:

Micro mesh gutter guards: Micro mesh gutter guards are specifically engineered to draw in the rainwater that flows over the gutter top with an offset vertical slant lined with slits that particularly let only the water to pass through. Thus, it is one of the most sophisticated gutter guard systems.

Cost: The overall cost of these gutter guards can range from $1500 to $2500 for an average single-storey house.

Reverse Curve Gutter Guard:  Reverse curve gutter guards are made from recycled plastic and are therefore economical to install. This type of gutter guard uses the nose-forward design to prevent any debris or leaves from entering the gutter. It features a slit along the length of the gutter guard which lets the water into the gutter stream and letting the debris flow over the nosey edge of the gutter guard.

Cost: The cost of these gutter guards ranges from $1.50 to $5 per foot.

Bottle Brush Gutter Guard:  Unlike micro mesh gutter guards, bottle brush guard has brush-like bristles standing upright inside the gutter funnel to make sure that the debris gets caught in the bristles and the water flows down in the gutter. They provide an efficient method of keeping debris at bay at an affordable price too, however, this type of gutter guard requires frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Cost: Bottle brush guards a very reasonable $3.25 to $4.25 per foot and come in two sizes 5” and 6”.

Nylon Gutter Guards: Nylon Gutter guards are mostly used in areas with a lot of snow during the winters. The unique design and material of the gutter guard prevents the snow from freezing and building any icicles. Its major advantage is that it allows the full opening of the gutter to collect water. A disadvantage however, can be that greater area is exposed to dirt and debris and so requires cleaning.

Cost: The cost of these gutter guards starts from $3 per foot.

Foam/Plastic Gutter Guards: Plastic gutter guards are made from coils of plastic or other materials which fit directly into your gutter preventing leaves and waste material from clogging the gutter and jamming it. The best part about Plastic gutter guard is that it requires no specific hardware tools for installation without breaking down very soon. However, the pores of the coil may collect dirt and gravel inhibiting the smooth flow of water.

Cost: Foam or plastic gutter filler price starts from $90 for 20 feet for standard gutter sizes.

Although, there is quite a range of gutter guards to choose from, micro mesh gutter guards provide the most simplified and efficient solution to all your problems. Anyhow, these too come with certain advantages as well as disadvantages:


  • Micro mesh gutter guards can easily fit onto your installed guttering system without having you to change any f your gutters.
  • The fine slits not only prevent debris and leaves from entering into the gutter stream but also prevent birds and rodents from building any nests into the gutters.
  • Micro mesh gutter guards prevent any potential clogging to avoid stagnant water in your gutters which can become a breeding ground for insects.
  • They ensure a smooth and continuous water flow which avoids rusting of your gutters and damage, thus cutting down on repair and maintenance costs.
  • Heated micro mesh gutter guards are also available to prevent any build up of icicles and ice dams.


  • The overall gutter guard installation can be expensive as they can cost as much as $700 to a thousand dollars depending upon the area of your house.
  • They are can never be 100% efficient. Micro mesh gutter guards still need an occasional cleanup.
  • Some materials used for gutter guards are too delicate. If you lean a ladder against your gutter it is likely that it will become dented which will also affect their effectiveness in the future.
  • The additional weight of the micro mesh gutter guards may cause your gutters to sag in the center.
  • Plant or tree seeds can get stuck in the slits causing them to sprout and growing into gutter trees.