It is best to harvest rainwater and the globe is taking important measures in order to save the rain water. It is becoming very popular, even in California. Well, collecting rain water saves money and also helps us to support our environment. Modern science, as in the ancient time has turned to capture and collection of rainwater as an unfinished solution to the problem and a gutter system is the first step that is to be taken in harvesting rainwater.

Gutter downspout diverter is a system which is installed in a downspout where the water reaches just before your rain barrel system. Water will drain through your diverter normally which allows a constant flow, until and unless your rain barrel is actually full. After that, at this point, water will mechanically go back up to the diverter and your excess water will automatically be redirected into an additional offshoot downspout.

Gutter downspout diverter are usually offered in two materials. First is galvanized metal and the second is white vinyl. The galvanized metal gutter downspout diverter are bit expensive but its shipping is less expensive.

If we are talking about its installation, then we just need a few tools and also is a pretty straight forward process. The installation can be both professionally and can be even done personally too. You can do it easily by following certain mentioned steps.

  1. Position the base of the barrel adjacent to the gutter downspout.
  2. Place your barrel on the positioned base and then decide where you want to have a cut into the downspout.
  3. Remove the desired area of the downspout and insert the gutter downspout diverter.
  4. Cut a hole in the barrel and fit a coupling in the hole.
  5. Now measure and cut the linking pipe and fit the linking pipe in proper place.

Now you can test the barrel and gutter downspouts diverter’s working and just remembers to prevent the gutters from getting clogged by using certain leaf guards.

The Gutter system and its parts:  Though rain gutters are small in size but do play a critical role in building a roofing system. It is a long-term investment towards the betterment of the infrastructure of your home. There are various gutter system accessories that are being used in building a perfect gutter system for your home and these are, Gutter Coil, Touch-up Paint, Louvered Gutter Guard, Combination Hanger, Hidden Hanger, Leader, Suspended SST Bar Hanger, Mesh Gutter Guard, Canadian Hanger, Pipe Cleat, Gutter Wedge, Spike, Hidden Hanger with screw, Pipe Band, Box Miter, Inside, Ferrule, Leader Head, Outside, Rivet Box Miter, Outside, Wrap Around Hanger, Funnel, Strip Miter, Inside, Fascia Hanger, A Elbow, Strip Miter, Outside, Zip Screw, , Bay Miter, Inside, Masonry Nail, B Elbow, Bay Miter, A Elbow 30″, Zig Zag Elbow,  Pallet Nail, End Cap, Pop in Outlet, FSH Bar Hanger, Sealers, Caulking, K Outlet, Flat Strainer and SST Bar Hanger.

Downspouts Accessories: there are many downspouts accessories too, that works with gutters to complete the gutter system for your house to give you a decorative and full protection from damage. They are as follows: Flex Elbow, Splash Block, Downspout Rain Drain, Rain Barrel, and Gutter Wedge.

 Now, imagine that you are on a vacation and it rained heavily? The rain would eventually go to end up into your gutters resulting in overflowing of the entire system. What if we tell you that the problem you are facing can easily be tackled by downspout diverter, so that you could enjoy your vacations. A water butt is an essential component any size rainwater harvesting system. They require professional installation and a water butt can be easily set up by anyone and that too very easily.

First Flush Diverter: Downpipe First Flush Water Diverter develop water quality and also helps to reduce tank maintenance through the prevention of the first flush of water that may contain roof contaminants. They ensure that the clean water is available for use in rainwater pumps and internal household appliances. There are various solution options available for harvesting rain water like Downspout filter and gutter Downspout diverter.

Downspout Filters: Downspout Filters are a family unit of devices which is used to filter the rain water with the already existing downspout, when the water is on its way to get deposited to the tank. Downspout filters usually provide higher flow rates than downspout diverter.

Harvesting rainwater is being considered important in every part of the globe now. You can now have innumerable and decorative methods to harvest rainwater. The decorative downspouts have made everything look so beautiful in your landscape. The most common method to harvest rainwater is Downspout diverter as it also prevents the gutters from getting clogged.