A home of your dreams may be either an ultramodern chic home or a historic home. All kinds of homes need different kinds of aesthetics. Every house exterior demands unique gutter customization. Choosing the desired gutter material and services for gutter guard installation Orinda in Danville, San Ramon, by Sunshine Gutters Pro can be a wise choice. If you are choosing to go for a completely historic home you should go for copper gutters instead of aluminum or vinyl gutters. Although copper gutters can be expensive when compared to the other types of gutters, they are best suited for giving vintage vibes.

No other gutters can give you vintage vibes like copper gutters, it’s a unique material with unique features. Copper gutters came into existence in the 1900s as the fancy half-round style gutter. They are known to give a rustic look and historic appeal to the aesthetics of your home exterior. They have been used since historic ages across the globe now!

Let us know more about copper gutters in this read.

Why Choose Copper Gutters?

Copper is however a versatile metal it has been used in various house structures to date. The reason it has been popularly and widely used for making gutters back then for a few reasons like,

  • It is highly resilient
  • It has excellent durability
  • It can withstand all weather conditions and is non-corrosive
  • Increases the resale value of the house
  • It is a very long-lasting gutter

The popularity of copper gutter is still based on these reasons. Copper gutters are mainly popular for their rustic look and a lifespan of 50-100 years minimum. These gutters are known for being all-weather gutters. However, like any other gutter, it needs proper maintenance. If you are looking for, gutter cleaning in San Ramon, Orinda, and Danville we are there for you! Contact us now to know more.

How To Take Care Of Copper Gutters?

When you take care of your gutters it can work wonders for you for years ahead. The first and foremost aspect that is to be taken care of is the installation of gutters by the best agency.

Proper Installation

Installation of gutters by the experienced and expert gutter specialist crew is very important.

Copper gutter installation needs meticulous detailed attention by the installer. They are completely customized as per the house. These gutters have the seams, that are to be caulked properly. Any mistake in joining seams may result in leakage. You can also ask the gutter specialist to put fewer seams in the gutters so that the chance of gutter damage is low.

Gutter Maintenance

Keep the gutter clean! A clean rainwater gutter is always free-flowing causing no mess around the house. Once you have installed the best copper gutter you should promptly hire a gutter service provider for gutter cleaning schedules. A gutter specialist can clean your gutters and keep them clog-free. Clog-free gutters= stress free you!

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You can also think of installing a gutter guard on the gutters to prevent clogging. Installing gutter guards in San Ramon or gutter guard installation in Danville can help you avoid entry of leaf wastage in the house gutter. Trimming the trees in the garden can also avoid excess debris accumulation in the gutters. Debris accumulation causes an increase in the weight of the gutter and the gutter might fall apart from the hangers.

Oxidation On Copper Gutters

When you decide to install the copper gutters you should ask your gutter service provider about details. The copper gutters after some time post-installation might show “Patina.” Patina is a green or brown colored film, this film is a result of the oxidation process caused by the copper metal. This green-colored film is sure to bring a pleasant sight to onlookers. This completes the vintage look of the house which becomes a plus point in addition to the durability of these copper gutters. The display of exuberance and elegance is on point with the copper gutters.


Eco-Friendly Material

Copper is a naturally produced metal found in mines on Earth, hence it is 100% eco-friendly. Choosing copper can help you make a conscious decision that can help save the environment. Copper is recyclable it can be recycled many times yet doesn’t get weak like any other metal. You can choose gutters made from recycled copper material and show awareness toward the environment.

It has a higher value compared to any other recycled metal like steel or aluminum. Therefore, it can increase the value of your house property as well. You can also save alot of money when you install the copper gutters once. It is probably the best choice you can make by choosing a copper gutter system.


Gutters are essentially a functional part of your building but they can also act as an aesthetic enhancer. If you are willing to give your building a vintage look copper gutters are the best one to go for. Choosing copper gutter not only enhances the look of your building but also uplifts the price of your building. Installing copper gutters must be done by the best gutter service provider. Copper gutter installation is totally a customization process and customization of copper metal is not simple.

It requires finesse and experience to install these unique gutters on your house. Choose Sunshine Gutters Pro and get the best in class gutter services. We have experience of more than a decade and we are reputed gutter specialists across California. Our crew will suggest you the best way forward and provide you with the best quality copper gutter installation. We also provide services like gutter cleaning, gutter repair, gutter protection systems, and everything about gutters.