Over time the leaves, twigs, debris, etc. get accumulated in the rain gutters causing them to be blocked. Due to the blockages in the gutters, the rainwater gets overflowed and couldn’t reach the downspouts. This leads to various types of damages to your homes like foundation damage, structural issues, mold, and mildew and basement flooding. Furthermore, the water that remains stagnant in the clogged gutters for longer durations becomes home to insects, mosquitoes, and flies.

The only practical solution that can dodge all these issues from happening is the regular cleaning of gutters.


How Often You Should Get The Home Gutter Cleaning Job Executed?

It’s good to get the gutters cleaned twice in 6 months. But the times when this job should be necessarily performed is once in the late spring and once in the late summer/early fall.

Besides these, you can get them cleaned any number of times in a year depending on the number of trees and environmental conditions surrounding your residence.


What would happen if you would not clean the rain gutters?

Tons of structural and physical problems could emerge due to the irregular cleaning of rain gutters. Some of them include:-


Leaking Basements and Cracked Foundations

A clogged gutter is the biggest cause of basement water problems. Overflowing of roof water can pond around the foundation and excess of basement water can weaken the footings which can lead to cracks. Therefore, you should always keep your rain gutters clean to ensure the seamless flow of rainwater through the downspouts.


Rotted Wood

When gutters get occupied with debris and leaves, it can hold moisture on the fascia board. This can lead to roof sheathing and framing. Due to this, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars on replacement services i.e. replacing rotten wood.


Animals and Wood Destroying Insects

Lack of rain gutter cleaning can also cause water to pool in the areas which are damned by the remains of junks and leaves. This condition is ideal for the mosquitoes to breed.


Sagging Driveways

Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause damage like driveway and walkways that can further result in sagging and cracking.


What can save from frequent home gutter cleaning?

If gutter cleaning seems a tiring and boring job to you, then you can minimize its extent by deploying gutter guards. It would not only keep your gutters clean but will also protect them from various environmental factors.


Do the job yourself or call a professional?

Undeniably, gutter cleaning is a hectic and tiring job. It takes great labor for cleaning a gutter. Frequent climbing and down hilling the ladders make the job know less than a tiring gym session.

However, this doesn’t mean you will get afraid of exhausting and would not clean your gutters. Gutters ought to be cleaned twice a year. You can either take this load on yourself or you can take gutter cleaning service from a professional company.

If you want to do this job on your own, then there’s no harm, however, just make sure you have all the required tools and equipment.

On the other hand, if you want to take the gutter cleaning service from one of the reliable and professional gutter cleaning contractors, then you’ll be at an advantage. Not only the contractors would clean your gutters, but will also inspect your roof and gutters for other faults. This means, just by outlaying a gutter cleaning cost, you will get an additional service for free.


After reading the blog above, you now know why gutter cleaning is important for your home. Either by cleaning your gutters on your own or calling a professional gutter company to execute the job, you can save your home from severe damages.

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