Among all the joys of being a homeowner, one of the most crucial one is installing or maintaining your rain gutters and rain gutters downspouts. Well, if you’re searching for some common tips on how to install the rain gutters – this blog should provide you some good points:

Cut The Gutters
With the help of the measuring tape, mark off the wanted length of your rain gutter and mark it off. Make sure to make it around all the way outside of the rain gutter.

Next, Pierce it off to the desired length. There are multiple ways to go about achieving this. It can be done with the help of saw, but the final result will not be good enough. Don’t forget to wear gloves when working with aluminum rain gutters because of very highly sharp edges.

Attach The Guttering

The perfect time is now to attach the rain gutter to your home. For this you will use hanging brackets which can be hanged that screw and hold up the rain gutter into the board on the roof.

When connecting the brackets it is recommended to put a gap between them out 24″ throughout the length of your rain gutter and 6″ from the ends.


The last piece on how to install rain gutters will be exactly the downspout. You will require installing a sleeve section at the end of the rain gutter that will also attach towards the downspout.

Pick the sleeve and mark an outline around it in your rain gutter. Next, take out the hole using a drill to bring out an opening and after that with a jigsaw cut out the hole. Take a piece of silicone and seal all the edges around the opening to block water leaks.

These are just simple steps to follow, obey these steps and you are done with easy installation of rain gutters.