Gutter Cleaning can go a bit harder from the absence of the right tools and equipment. This is why our professional gutter company never compromises on the use of the best quality tools and equipment to clean the gutters.

While there are lots of other tools, but one that tops our gutter experts’ must-haves is a power washer. If you think why the experts are so inclined towards power washers when the gutter cleaning can be done using a normal garden hose? Well, the answer lies in the quality of cleaning it provides.

If you are still wondering why is gutter pressure washer essential for cleaning gutters and how to clean gutters using a pressure washer, then we’ve here compiled everything for the same. Dive into the points below to know and assess the significance of a power washer for cleaning gutters.

How to Clean Gutters Using a Gutter Pressure Washer?

The efforts get halved when you pressure wash gutters. It is an optimal way of improving gutter cleaning outcomes while reducing the efforts involved. If you want to embrace this ideal method of gutter cleaning, then here’s the step-by-step process you have to follow:

  • Soak The Gutters and Soffits with Water

Before you start applying detergent or start to pressure wash your gutters anyway, soak them up with the help of clean water. This will help to remove stubborn stains effortlessly.

  • Apply Detergent on The Gutters

After 5-10 minutes, apply the liquid detergent on the outside of the gutters and soffits. While applying the detergent, make sure it doesn’t fall on you. Once you finish applying, let it set and start its magic.

  • Pressure Wash At Low Speed

After 5 minutes when the detergent has done its part, start to pressure wash gutters at low speeds. Make sure you don’t pressure wash them at high speeds as the detergent may damage your foliage. Perform this step until the detergent gets completely removed from the gutters.

  • Clean the Gutter Interiors

Now that you have finished cleaning the gutter exteriors, start to clean its interiors. Rinse the gutter interiors using a high-speed pressure washer.  Since you will have to climb the ladder to perform gutter cleaning this way. You can use the gutter pressure washer from the ground level by connecting it with a curved attachment. This will help you to perform gutter cleaning while being at the ground level.

  • Inspect the Gutters

Once you’ve performed gutter cleaning inside and out, give a check to your gutter system for any sort of issues and slips. Regardless of whether you have seamless gutters or seamed gutters, this is a crucial step that would abreast you on the condition of your gutters.

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Significance of Gutter Power Washer While Cleaning Gutters

The gutter pressure washer turns the gutter cleaning job easy. It skips the hassles of frequent and repetitive climbing and de-climbing of ladders. It gives the ease of cleaning the gutters from the ground level. Professional gutter cleaning companies have the experience and the right know-how to perform house gutter cleaning using a pressure washer. However, for the homeowners who perform DIY gutter cleaning, there will still be a need to climb the ladder to assess whether or not the gutters have become clean.

Give your foliage the treatment they deserve

Chemical-infused water can be toxic to the foliage surrounding your home. When you try to clean the water using soap and then using a garden hose to wash off the soap, chances are your foliage may damage due to the chemicals present in the water. But the use of a low-pressure nozzle in the power washer can surely work to minimize the damage.

Can be connected with gutter cleaning attachments

Gutter cleaning fixtures in the power washer help reduce the time and effort to perform gutter cleaning. It gives you the convenience to be on the ground and perform the gutter cleaning by following the gutter line. All you have to do is, get a gutter cleaning attachment and attach it to your pressure washer. You can also get an extension that will remain fixed to the gutter cleaning attachment and will spray the water across your gutters while you will be at some comfortable standing point.

Can be used for both seamless and seamed gutters

Whether you have seamless or seamed gutters, the gutter pressure washer will always be advantageous.  Just a point to be careful, while you can perform gutter pressure washing at any speed on seamless gutters, limit its speed when you perform gutter cleaning in seamed gutters.

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Gutter Cleaning is a complex job for a majority of homeowners. In such a situation, gutter pressure washers have come to make lives easy. Now that you know how to perform gutter cleaning using a pressure washer, when are you going to pressure wash your home gutters?

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The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. For better information about how a pressure washer can be used for gutter cleaning,  consult a certified professional.